About US

Paul Britt, RKC, CK-FMS, PM

Paul has been an RKC  kettlebell instructor since 2006. He discovered Dragon Door and the RKC methods of kettlebells one day on the Internet and ordered a 16kg kettlebell, the “beginner” size for adult males. After playing with that weight, he was shocked to find what such a “tiny little” weight did to him. He was tired and out of breath within the first 2 minutes. An hour later, two more Dragon Door kettlebells, a 24kg and 32kg, were on the way.

Kettlebells have made a dramatic difference in how Paul feels and moves.  The restoration of movement, stability and strength is incredible. He went from being a huge mass of unconnected muscle and tissue  to being a functional athlete that moved like we were built to, with mobility, stability and strength.  The pain, stiffness and lack of mobility developed through prior poor training practices disappeared almost over night.

Paul decided to attend the RKC to increase his knowledge for his personal journey, there was no initial plan on teaching anyone.  However, people started to contact him after finding out the changes he was making in people. He has moved from teaching (friends and those that found him) out of the garage and parks and into Britt’s Training Systems,  Rockwall’s Hardstyle Kettlebell Training Facility!

Paul has been chosen to be an assistant instructor at numerous RKC and HKC Courses.  He was selected as Rockwall/Rowlett’s Best Personal Trainer in Living Magazine.   Britt’s Training Systems has been selected as Rockwall  Reader’s Choice Best Workout/Fitness Center.

He continues to increase his knowledge and skills with kettlebells and other training tools. He has attended numerous Continuing Education Events such as the Summit of Strength in Oklahoma that taught the fundamentals of how to develop Life Long Strength as well as workshops held by Mike Mahler.

Paul is a  Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist. He uses the Functional Movement Screen he is able to help you reach your goals by pinpointing your needs.

Paul also earned his Primal Move Instructor certification.


 Justine Deets, RKC

Justine has been an HKC kettlebell instructor since January 2013 and recently received her Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) this past October 2013. Justine’s journey in kettlebells began in 2012 upon meeting Paul Britt during a job interview in a local Starbucks Coffee Shop. With a degree in Exercise Sports Science and a love for fitness she was initially drawn into trying something completely new. Within the first month Justine knew there was nothing like a kettlebell and began to fall in love with the iron ball.

Since training with kettlebells, Justine has never felt stronger. Each day of training for her is another day of life with an increase in mobility, stability, and flexibility. Rather than feeling beat down and just “dog tired” at the end of a workout, Justine finds herself with more energy and spark in her day after just 30 minutes with a kettlebell.

Justine started out as a student of Paul Britt in his “little house of strength” and then slowly made her way from student to facilitator where she helped Paul out in the gym in any need possible. The more she learned under his teaching, the more she knew she had to become RKC, it just wasn’t an option for her, it had to happen. As a reward for her hard work she was able to go through the HKC and then seven months later she was able to reach her ultimate goal of RKC.

Justine was the only student chosen from her RKC training requested to assist in future HKC and RKC workshops. She is excited and is eager to share her knowledge with all who she interacts with in the gym.

Now that Justine’s goal of becoming RKC has been reached, she plans on continuing her training and education in order to become a better coach,teacher, and trainer for those who train under her instruction. Next on her list of many goals is to become a Functional Movement Specialist, to get her Progressive Calisthenics Certification, and ultimately become an Iron Maiden.